The Modular Process

Step 1: Design, Permits, and Approval

If you don’t have a concept design of your own, our creative design team will work with you to understand your needs and make sure your new build is in line with your values and your budget, using high quality Australian made materials. We make sure your plans are certified against all relevant Australian manufacturing codes.

If you need a building permit for the building, we will organise that for you with our experienced building surveyor, along with your Section J report, PIC, or geotechnical reports if needed.

Step 2: Off-Site Manufacturing

We start manufacturing the base frame and all steel work, and we perform all welding as required. All necessary materials are ordered and subcontractor services organised.

Once the frame is finished, we complete electrical, plumbing, fittings, and fixtures. When the building is about 80-85% completed, we transport it to the location.

Step 3: Site Preparation

During the off-site manufacturing process, we start preparing your site. The site supervisor will ensure the security of the area, installation of all required signage, scheduling the works and organising subcontractors.

We take care of all works needed before transporting the building, including but not limited to utilities trenching, footings installation, demolition of existing structure and relocating previously installed modules.

Step 4: Transport to Site

When the building is about 80-85% completed, we load the modules onto trucks and transport the building to your site for installation.

We take care of any permits or approvals needed for the transport process

Step 5: Installation

This the final stage before we handover the building. Around 15-20% of the building process happens here, including the connection of the utilities and services, installing any scheduled fittings and fixtures, and securing the building. We also finalise the installation of the landings, ramps and steps, and complete the building carpark and landscaping if required. Finally, we give the building the desired look by touching up the external finishes.

Step 6: Handover

Your building is now ready and a final certified building inspection is conducted. We provide all necessary certificates, as-built drawings and any related manuals and warranties.

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